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2012-02-26 16:22:50 by TheFlyingTacoz

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I havn't updated recently on here, but I have been updating my Tumblr so check it out.


2010-12-24 22:34:26 by TheFlyingTacoz ptaw
new RandomShizTV at YouTube


2010-11-28 19:38:39 by TheFlyingTacoz Vn2I
A all new RandomShizTV


2010-10-23 11:19:28 by TheFlyingTacoz

There is a new RandomShizTV video. Watch it here. H-8E
Also check out JordanBean12345's new video here. eE6g

Bethany is my girlfriend, She has a account go check her out.


2010-10-11 18:50:55 by TheFlyingTacoz

Me and my brother make YouTube videos called RandomShizTV. Check them out some time.RandomShizTV's newest video - Pet Rock


2010-10-09 23:34:53 by TheFlyingTacoz

i also have a youtube channle. I may or may not make videos on this. I'll have to see.